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More on the Kashimashi
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
thamy wrote in jd_dreaming
Yesterday I watched again the Elders Club concert, or the middle of it (which I had practically skipped before). Wow, I really loved the Momosu OG performance *_* Even singing that happy night,a song I had never heard before, it was amazing! It seems that the group got more interesting without Maki to fight for the lines with Natsumi. I love Maki, but having two line magnets together was just too much. Plus, the fact that they didn't sing Love Machine also helped. It was refreshing *_* And Yuuko's monologue in Happy Summer Wedding was cuuuuute!!! Yuuko is the best!!!

And I loved that Iida was also out so her lines could go to Kemeko. Did Yossie also get some? I don't like Rika but she sining Maki's line was also nice for bringing that new feeling to the music. And there weren't so many lines for em to get fed up with Charmy cuteness XD

Elders Club this year was somehow better than expected. Everyone talked bad about the eggs and there were times when i preferred them not to be there but they were and it made the concert look younger. Plus, I loved seeing Konno and Rika there. Yossie too but she so belongs to that place... How nice would it be if Maki was there to sing with her :((( But yeah, now Yossie can rock *_* A pitty that she doesn't shine as much there, surrounded by so many talents. A Rika does the Maki role, sexy and popular. I never thought I would say anything that way but she did fill it O.o It would be incredible if she had sung baby Koi ni Knock Out XDD

As for Ayaya/Nacchi duo... it's a little bit flavorless :( Much more than i imagined. Too sweet maybe. They should add a Yossie there and spice it up.


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