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Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
A verdade é que eu sou alguém que não perdoa facilmente as coisas, por isso eu não pude deixar de comentar o último clipe de uma dupla. Uma introdução antes. Essa dupla é de dois "atores" contratados para serem dubladores e pessoas em carne viva de uma dupla de cantores famosos de um anime. Ou seja, o cachê é baixo e etc.

mas eu realmente achava que qualquer um, dada uma chance, poderia ser membro de boyband. Digo, é só você fazer uma pose. Os garotinhos do Johnny's Juniors provavam essa minha teoria. Mas............. eu realmente estava enganada... Desde o primeiro clipe, essa dupla, o SHIPS, conseguiu estraçalhar com tudo o que eu falava de boy bands. Me fez ter um repseito novo e muito forte pelos garotinhos do Johnny's também.

Antes de ver mos o clipe, eu tirei uns screenshots. Pois a única forma de aproveitarmos o lixo (e olha que as cenas são boas, deu pra ver que puseram algum dinheiro apesar de o primeiro single haver vendido menos que mil cópias O.O), é pensarmos que os dois se amam. Sim. Esse é um clipe puro shounen-ai.
Read more...Collapse )Clipe de Kimi ga Iru:

Agora um clipe mais hardcore para os fãs xDDD TOKYO FRIEND☆SHIPS

Aya The Witch
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
I was watching Matsuura Aya's latest concert, her only in 2008, and I was thinking of how she must feel. All in all, it seems that it was mostly her decision to go all mika nakashima (i mean, normal mika, not that nana mika ^^;), but at the same time she sold so little in her Kizuna single... It went really bad. Her album too and her comeback single too! Aya has been practically put in her place, with the elders.

So, that concert was in a really small venue. But it was full, or so it seemed. Not that it wouldn't be, wotas are crazy about ayaya and they go to like three concerts a day. But what was different about it was the energy. As japanese call it, the tension - do don ga don. XD

I actually haven't watched a single concert of Aya before and I'm sure her 2003 ones were way more than this, the golden days.... Or even more the 2002. Anyway, I was quite surprised and also seemed to be Aya. The crowd was like crazy during doki doki love mail it was really something. I'm always saying how the wotas are a show apart, and I can imagine comic scenes where the artist goes on stage and the wotas are like just watching silently. I'm sure most of the fun in watching haropuro things comes from them, a concert without them is..... nothing @_@ But a concert where they seem to be watching the Golden Era members DURING the golden era is just something amazing. And Aya The Witch is just like that in a small venue. (I've seen Nacchi's graduation and know how it is in a really big one, it's amazing!)

Now, forgetting about the concert, it's strange how ayaya is like the last resort in h!p. She was always something made for tsunku and not by him, since the beginning she brings in her self confidence, which we used to only see in Maki Goto, allied to something Maki doesn't have: a sweet charisma. Maki was always scary, and little maki is even more (Reina, I mean). I'm saying the true thing, think of the elements of each of the greatest ones in H!P:

Nacchi: she's sweet, she's popular, she is charismatic.
Maki: she's popular, she's got a great talent and a strong personality;
Mari: somewhat popular, charismatic;
Ai Takahashi: ....... bets voice in momusu? xD Well, she's go something like a charisma...
Ai Kago: charismatic, funny, popular;
Miki Fujimoto: strong personality, and a good voice;
Ayaya: sweet, charismatic, popular, has a strong personality and is a natural;

Of course, the three greatest are Maki, Nacchi and Aya, and I can't stop thinking of how aya seems like a combination of the two others... And because nacchi was already 20+ when she got solo and Maki was so scary, Aya was the one faired best in the sweet teenager role. (Tsunku even tried with Maki and Miki but they have that killer gaze that............. ahahahaha xDD)

i miss those times... Now Aya says she wants to be a woman, since she saw herself on tv in 2004, she decided she wanted to be a real performer............. ARGH! I want my Ayaya back..... At least I could see a litle of her during the concert,right in the middle of so many boring songs from Double Rainbow album (and some from Naked Songs).

Now, back to the concert xD

2005 Summer Concert
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
I started watching a 2005 hello pro concert. The only absence I actually felt was Mari's, mainly in One for All (...) when it was 2nd gen time to sing and Kei's voice resounded. Mari WAS there but just MC'ing because it was too close to her scandal with Shun Oguri.

Anyway, that was the concert where the 2005 shuffles (the last ones so far) were presented and now that i know about Sexy Otonajan curse, I refused to watch their performance, it was just too sad. Another thing was how much Koharu appeared for her first Summer concert... I mean, she was everywhere! I though that she was only noticed because of the Kirarin thing but even in 2005 when she was just miracle horsey teeth girl she sang! And I miss her real voice :((( It's getting more and more annoying nowadays! Now I know why I liked her, looking like some lost girl with those big eyes and hoarse voice *_* Now she's just irritating!

Back to Otonajan, for those who don't know, it was a shuffle unit mad of Miki Fujimoto (6th gen in Morning Musume, a really good voice), Megumi Murakami (one of the best voices among the H!P kids and probably the best one that time, part of MeguAiri feat. the °C-uties XD) and Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Koubou lead voice). So, the promo photo were all: Miki at the front, Megukami on our left and Miyabi on the right and that single was released in 2005.

-In October 2006, some photos in which Megumi seemed to be having a date with a boy surfaced. She decided to quit to focus more on her studies.
-In May (?) 2007, Miki was caught walking in her boyfriend's apartment. Her agency denied about a day before she alleged the photos to actually be real. Miki was the fastest leader of Morning Musume, she didn't even last a week if I'm not wrong, and GAM's activity were never resumed. Miki was back this year singing an enka song.
-In May/June 2008, a video and dozen photos taken by a stalker appeared with a girl reaaaally similar to Miyabi. The campaign not to let these photos come to the agency's knowledge has already begun and Miyabi's FC event happened with no real trouble. Let's see if the kids' front girl will survive the curse!! You have 2 weeks top, Miyabi, that's about what the others lasted.

More on the Kashimashi
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
Yesterday I watched again the Elders Club concert, or the middle of it (which I had practically skipped before). Wow, I really loved the Momosu OG performance *_* Even singing that happy night,a song I had never heard before, it was amazing! It seems that the group got more interesting without Maki to fight for the lines with Natsumi. I love Maki, but having two line magnets together was just too much. Plus, the fact that they didn't sing Love Machine also helped. It was refreshing *_* And Yuuko's monologue in Happy Summer Wedding was cuuuuute!!! Yuuko is the best!!!

And I loved that Iida was also out so her lines could go to Kemeko. Did Yossie also get some? I don't like Rika but she sining Maki's line was also nice for bringing that new feeling to the music. And there weren't so many lines for em to get fed up with Charmy cuteness XD

Elders Club this year was somehow better than expected. Everyone talked bad about the eggs and there were times when i preferred them not to be there but they were and it made the concert look younger. Plus, I loved seeing Konno and Rika there. Yossie too but she so belongs to that place... How nice would it be if Maki was there to sing with her :((( But yeah, now Yossie can rock *_* A pitty that she doesn't shine as much there, surrounded by so many talents. A Rika does the Maki role, sexy and popular. I never thought I would say anything that way but she did fill it O.o It would be incredible if she had sung baby Koi ni Knock Out XDD

As for Ayaya/Nacchi duo... it's a little bit flavorless :( Much more than i imagined. Too sweet maybe. They should add a Yossie there and spice it up.

Kago Ai~gain
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love

To think that yesterday I was talking about the missing members in the winter concerts. I actually didn't miss Aibon, mainly because my first Winter concert was her last so I only got to miss her on Morning Musume and when Nono was still around. Even so, what a coincidence...

Should I speak out loud what I think?

Yeah, the important coincidence here is how Aibon's return to the camera was right after Gocchin's. If they were still in H!P I'd even think of some kind of unit but that's impossible. The real thing could be that Maki's coming back all strong and loved gave Ai some courage. Could be the other way around, I don't know if they could be in touch, I mean, they're both in the US.

If I ignore the whole conspiracy, It's been a year since Kago's last scandal, it was about time if she ever wants to go back to the media somehow. Now, with that haircut and clothing style, she'll only get to be an sports announcer @_@ Really, think of Maki. Has anyone seen her photos? She still has that superstar face while Ai simply looks like a 40-year-old housewife, I wonder what this girl's intentions are...

Winter Pack'08
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
I just finished watching those three winter concerts.

First of all, i love the Winter concerts: better songs, elders everywhere, less lip-syncing... And the first H!P concert I ever watched was a Winter one that more and more I find out to be of the best year, 2006.

That said, I have watched 4 from those until now: 2001, 2006, 2007 and now 2008, so I think I can say something: this was really similar to 2001, i can't explain it but the tracklist (not the songs actually, the concept) was too similar.

It's strange how with each year that passes there's that last time together feeling for a group, that where's someone feeling, that Yuuko's last year for sure feeling and that when will Nacchi just drop dead feeling. Also the newcomers, the real good voice I never noticed, the really good song i have to download now...

Every time any of them is missing, not only for winter concerts but summer too, I tend to feel that it wasn't that good of a concert.

Well, enough with the random comments, let's have now random thoughts:

-generations from 1 to 5 have two members only. Yuuko and Nacchi, Kei and Mari, Rika and Yossie, Risa and Ai. But actually they have 3!! Except for the second one. Kaori, Nono and Mako. with that, except for 2, 3 and 7 for obvious reasons we have 3-nin gens.

-Yuuko rocks but her and Nacchi make a weird combo. Related: Ayaya isn't Maki, she was good with Maki but she doesn't go with Nacchi like Maki somehow manage to do.

-Biyuuden were at the best even with their worse song, Ja Ja Uma

-°C-ute were the best real group there.

-Athena and the pussycatssomething had a really good performance. Hai, hai, hai, hai!

-Special Generation still rocks.

-Eggs could have had a great performance if their microphones were louder.

My favorite presentation was Morning Musume OG medley. I was tired of OG but now it suddenly became more interesting, probably because with Maki's departure, half of the lines were available for the rest to divide (read Rika and Yossie). But it was wonderful to see Ayaya singing Meccha Holiday though too short, it could have been better :(

Well, stick with the blog for more random thoughts.

Two Quizzes
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
Some quizzes I found about who Momusu I would be:

First Quizz

#1Risa Niigaki
#2Eri Kamei
#3Asami Konno
#4Kaori Iida
#5Asuka Fukuda
#6Miki Fujimoto
#7Hitomi Yoshizawa
#8Mari Yaguchi
#9Reina Tanaka
#10Kei Yasuda
#11Nozomi Tsuji
#12Aya Ishiguro
#13Makoto Ogawa
#14Ai Kago
#15Maki Goto
#16Ai Takahashi
#17Natsumi Abe
#18Sayaka Ichii
#19Sayumi Michishige
#20Yuko Nakazawa
#21Rika Ishikawa

Second Quizz:

Which Morning Musume Member Are You?
created with
<tr><td>You scored as Kamei Eri

You are most like Kamei Eri! She joined Momusu in the 6th generation, along with Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina. She was very shy at first, but has since blossomed into a funny, sweet individual.

Kamei Eri


Takahashi Ai


Michishige Sayumi.


Tanaka Reina


Mitsui Aika


Yoshizawa Hitomi


Kusumi Koharu


Fujimoto Miki


Niigaki Risa



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