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This will be for us to post our things about j-pop/rock. Please do not be offended. It's that they make us think so much about them that we end up doing this sorta thing ¬¬

Basically, we must post short entries consisting of sudden thoughts that any J-Music related topic may have inspired us. Said thoughts don't have to be serious. On the contrary, we don't mind if they are humourous or plainly silly, provided that they are not disrespectful. In case of doubts, just read the current entries.


1. Keep your posts short, please.
2. NO cursing, NO offenses, NO fights, NO flames, NO personal attacks. This is meant to be a peaceful, friendly community.
3. You can poke fun at any artists, but please, avoid untasteful, aggressive jokes. We hope you are mature enough as to be able to make good use of your common sense.
4. Images will only be accepted in posts if the moderators approve them. Anyone who posts images without permission will be banned. You can post links to images, but if they are found to be highly objectionable (e.g., anything related to hate, racism, drugs etc.), the entries containing such links will be either edited or deleted.
5. Allowed languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English.

In case of changes in this rules list, we will post an entry to let all members know.

Have fun! ^^