Resonant Nostalgia
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After a whole day of K-Pop, mostly Fly to the Sky, although what lead me that way was KangTa and I haven't listened a single track from him, I was finally back to J-Pop in the evening. For some reason, I was listening again to Morning Musume's new single and then it hit me: the will to write here.

Anyone got the "we're trying to go back to Summer Night Town" feeling? So far I read comparisons to Shabondama and Roman, My Dear Boy but what I see there is some Ai-Nacchi and Reina-Ayappe with a Koharu-Kaorin struggling between the two. I'm not a huge know-it-all of momusu, I'm not even a tiny, I know nothing probably and wouldn't be able to distinguish Aya Ishiguro but I do think that comparison above is correct... I mean, the whole "dance video" is really like the other ones before Maki, when they had that mature/sexy style.

Considering that this is not just some impression from my part, how do I feel about it? Umm, Tsunku could have made it more obvious. I am not going into the "where are the others" detail as I can't consider that one as the real video. I just think that after the tenth anniversary fiasco, he could have made a video more like the old ones. I didn't like those but if that's the feeling he wanted to create, then do it right. I hope the real version will have what this one lacks, mostly close ups (and members). Before that, thumbs up. Man, was that a relief after Mikan! I actually wanted it to be on the streets and all but I'm happy for having all that light game and the theater.....

The girls are beautiful, by the way. I think Koharu is strange, she's getting too tall and think, unfortunately. I hate her, she gets the lead and now she's looking weird, not a good combination, but excluding that, the others are amazing! I can't say that EYN or KT had any different costumes as what we already saw in concerts. ONSA was too golden and Mikan looked kinda heavy for all that dance (and made them similar to Paquitas, some retarded girl group from my country). Right now, i just didn't like Koharu's clothing although I still have to check the others. Aika is sooo cute and kakkoi at the same time O.o But I suspect that I loved that because her "bright and innocent"-actually-irritating smile was too far away.

As for the song, maybe I'll talk about it later maybe not. As for now, it seems quite forgettable, too poppish, too weak (needed some powerful bridge or something).

Mano Erina
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
I had started making a post about how LALALA Shiawase no Uta and Love Message grew on me but I lost the need to talk about them. So this one will be very quick and about Mano Erina.

It's been something like a week since she was announced as the new soloist who'll be going through training and graduate in the end of March. Natural presumption is that if she really is turning into a solo singer, then it's Maki's place she's taking. Well, in case you're thinking of numbers, yes.

In the beginning we had Maki, Aya and Miki. Then Miki went into Momusu and we got Natsumi. Aya has turned into a one-single-per-year singer and Maki got out. I have my theories that it was almost Miki's turn to do the same but then she got a single, an enka one that will sell the same as Abe's latest songs, and probably gave up. Let's say then that we have a slot occupied by both Aya and Miki, the GAM spot and there's Natsumi, no new single announced so far though. So, out of three there's one resting, which could be Manoeri's.

But I don't think she's go through Maki's path. I can hear her singing some Maki's song but she gives me a Miki vibe. Pre-MM Miki. She'll then sing some dance, r&b songs with that cute feeling H!P always gives us. Try this, if you can picture it than you're probably wrong (only works for H!P related stuff). So I had stopped there and started thinking of Milky Way when today I read Hello Online news.

There it was: Manoeri will be in Berry Kyuu! along with the H!P kids. Well, that's a good way to introduce her and the Kids soloist... But isn't it too soon? She'll have a month or maybe two if we think that she already knew that from before and then be thrown into those who are some five years ahead. It could also be training? Tsunku is training Yuu and (S?)Ayaka and she did have some good training while in OG. All in all, I'm happy for her, fresh face in H!P, has an ok voice and was my favorite egg along with Kanon but there's something wrong even if it's the "Eggs Year".

Final thoughts are: in the beginning of the year it was already predicted that
-there would be a unit with the some Eggs
-an Egg would be graduated
-and a new soloist would be pushed to be Ayaya's successor.

Let's see how it progresses from now one. By the way, three months and no scandal, what's up with them!? I'm joking, really.

Bye Bye Elders
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
You might say my themes in this blog have no originality but whatever, I'd like to add my dissatisfaction with Uta Doki!'s end. I actually waited until the new program was announced to make the post as I had to make sure of my predictions, unfortunately they were right: Berrykyuu is the program to replace it.

It means a lot of things actually. The first one I think of is: Uta Doki! wasn't popular enough because the elders weren't popular. We won't be seeing them as much even though the whole concept of the show is such a good one: old songs usually sung by the elders. They were making use of Ayaka! And a lot. Plus it makes clear one thing I know I have mentioned already: all of H!P marketing will turn to the kids' groups this year. Even Nacchi's single came with a kids attached to it... No one can deny that it was a Nacchi single, the writer etc were all Nacchi's different from GAM that had Tsunku as the writer instead of one of Matsuura Aya's usual. That's one more for our list of no-more-elders.

And this one deserves a whole new paragraph: UFA could pull the strings to make a new time slot for BerryKyuu. I'm sure that if they could, they make a whole new tv channel for the girls. Look at Johnny's Entertainment who have programs everywhere! You just have to turn on the tv on any broadcaster and wait, some Johnny's will appear. Now we have a list: what UFA can't do anymore. One-hour show turned into thirty minutes. The new one with its bestsellers had to substitute another. And what a horrible time slot! They are all after midnight, if I'm not wrong (checked, and I'm not wrong), for wotas only, I presume, as they are weekdays. I just hope the little aces can do something about it and convince the broadcaster that they deserve those thirty minutes taken off of Hello Morning. That could happen, right?

One Time
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
I'm no know-it-all of Hello!Project... I don't even know if I could actually be considered a fan but I know Morning Musume since 2002, although I was introduced to Matsuura Aya first without even knowing they were related (100kai no Kiss was too cute for me to resist). Somehow I began to think later that she was an ex-momusu, probably because of Gocchin's graduation and that Gomattou unit I thought the three were all from the same group (well, if you did consider h!p a group...)

I still remember the first video I saw, it had Maki Goto and Kei Yasuda in some news program (?) announcing why they were graduating. I thought Maki was called Kei... I confess, I thought Maki was called anything before I found out her real name (when i downloaded Uwasa no Sexy Guy dance version). As you can see, it took me real long to enjoy h!p faces, I just listened to their music, focusing on Ayaya (though I never will take her for anyone else, her face is just... HERS! That's Aya Matsuura, unmistakably, I can't explain it) . That's why I believe it when I hear that Aya adds girls to Hello!Project fans.

This article won't be about that, though. Before I lose it, my focus is on Morning Musume. My first pv was Hey! Mirai (could be another, well, one with puppies). I was so shocked that my first thought was "I never want to hear that again". Probably because I listened to Hikaru Utada and Mai Kuraki non-stop I missed a golden opportunity to become a fan while they were still something... Well, everything has its time. I did get Shabondama video and never watched, I would have loved that song. The first song that actually caught my attention was As For One Day, and the first person I noticed was Ai Kago (err, she's like the star in the video, I understand why she caught my eyes...). It was a cute song and somehow melancholic, I couldn't stop listening to it! I don't know how that single was... But, for me, that's still one of my favorite songs.

Good songs attract fans. And they have to have something different. For me, in As For One Day, was its melancholy, I could feel it before I read the lyrics or any translation (I only knew zutto and kokoro by that time)... Actually, the best songs my Morning Musume are those from which you can feel things. I'm picking my favorites but take Love Machine. It sold because it was there to lift Japan's moral, "the world will be jealous" etc. Some recent one... I choose Kanashimi Twilight, But I confess I was going to say Egao Yes Nude. KT also made you feel, err... Sad. Sorry, but I feel that... Even Onna ni Sachi Are, which I don't actually like, transmitted something.

Now, take Mikan. Purpose: remind us of life, encourage us. But as much as I listen to it, that "you'll get a chance" thing just makes me remember Koharu's face... No joke! I have it on my mind right now and I'd press "print screen" to show it If I could. Before hearing the song and even after hearing it just twice or so I really had it as a good idea, all the girls looking at photos, the earth... Then it just seemed like the video was forcing me to think that the song brought me any feeling. Plus, it always makes me think of Ambitious, another song that for me was nothing but forced. As much as I want to believe that Mikan was a fiasco because of being childish, I think it is actually an empty song.

UFA should consider sales before anything else because that's what Hello!Project was made for. All that dream factory doesn't have too many girl fans to really be a dream factory... One or two get chosen every two years and other kids are contracted to dance. Now, look at H!P real fans: guys. generally old. (pauses to forget Rika's comments about that some time ago) It's no prejudice, it's that if UFA wants get more fans besides those guys, it will have start making good songs.

Now I hope it'll learn from Mikan that songs can't be simply like that... But I'm not actually mad at Mikan or anything. After such a good year, I expected a bad single and was happy to see that it wasn't that bad... I confess that it's far from being my least favorite. It's just that it was obvious that it would fail, if only they'd let the Kids do it... Maybe it would be better. Not that I can imagine any of the singing Mikan as their single.

Believe it or not, that was my analysis of Mikan single. I hope Resonant Blue will be something else... If it will be a single at all after so many delays in H!P dates.

Athena & Robikkerotsu
hyde kagen

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As I'm talking about almost every unit in hello!Project, including the ones outside, the theme for today is Athena & Robikkerotsu. And the names get weirder, although this time it's because of the anime, which is for kids, and not Tsunku's fault.

If anyone is interested, Athena was supposed to be Nozomi Tsuji, ex-minimoni and W because of all the works she had with the kids, she even had a single out by the time her pregnancy was announced. If I'm not wrong, and sorry for being too lazy to check, °C-ute did the next single to be the anime's theme and then we had the new unit announced. It was by the time Kira*Pika was also formed so many people started saying that Koharu and Aika would be together to make another anime theme. I don't know if Aika was considered to get into Kirarin Revolution or not the thing is that I see Athena & the blablas as some sort of Kirarin follower.

First, as you can see for the picture, Risa Niigaki, momusu sub leader, leads the kid's unit formed by Aika Mitsui, Saki Nakajima and Chisato Okai, these two being from °C-ute. Their first single was Shouri no Big Wave, upbeat, cute, 5k. Yes, it sold around five thousands only... With so little there were some that said it wouldn't survive but their second single will be released this week, not that it mean it WILL survive.

I'd say it is a bad unit from the beginning, as random as Nacchi paired up with Maimi (from °C-ute). Get Risa, who's doing nothing and can't get good lines in morning musume, even so, fans love her, get Chisato who's a good voice but has no real charm together with Saki who's actually nothing and will go nowhere and then add Aika, whom fans want, who is Koharu's declared rival and who'd give us even more headaches than Koharu if she were to be solo. That's Athena & Robikkerotsu.

Actually, in Morning Musume, Risa is almost the only choice since Takahashi decided to go for the mature look. Reina is too yankee and already got too many lines, Eri? Sayu? They couldn't actually make it alone and we need a person to guide the girls and be the main face. Risa is what Mari Yaguchi was for MiniMoni, without being Marippe. Robby & Kerobby isn't a popular anime to attract sales like I'm sure Kirarin does to Koharu (what was that second album!?)

It's a pitty, the idea is nice. Both Risa and Aika needed those side projects and H!P was without its kids group, as MiniMoni and W are over now. I like the pvs, they are cute, the songs are funny, the girls really do their jobs, although they lack personality, except for Risa. I just wish Aika would stop smiling a little... I love her, she's so genuine, but someone must have told her that her smile is ultra cute, and so........ Now she uses it all the time! Sometimes I have trouble telling Aika, Sayu and Jun Jun apart, how do I do it? The one whose cheeks seem about to explode @_@ There's also that short hair of hers, it's good for this unit, it really makes us think that she's a kid, it's just that it was too soon for her to chance, people are still trying to see the 8th gen members and associate them with Momusu. I mean, Koharu wears ponytail until today! Aika did a radical change in her haircut, which was a bad move. It was already really good and the change was unwise.

Not that Aika's new haircut will make the single sell bad... I think it will be better, actually. People were a little scared of the cute overdose that unit is and were more like: where's my Kira*Pika 2nd single? Not that they aren't now, but at least I see more fans approving this single. And I'm glad to read that Aika is cute. She is, isn't she? *_* I loved her doing that wave move in the first pv hehehe (although I saw her doing something similar in the Summer concert...), except for her nasal voice... That's the problem with the MoMusume nowadays, they show us a beautiful voice in the first single, then notice that they need to add a trademark to it. Koharu's voice was really good in Iroppoi Jirettai, after she became Kirarin, she still wants to sing like that in Momusu. And the probably is that she's leading now!

let's cheer that Aika's voice is just like Ai Takahashi's. It's just still in the way.</p>

The Member I Follow
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
While thinking of what to post about today I have noticed that I haven't talked here about the idol I've been following in Hello!Project. Maybe just a little, but here it goes: a thread that could easily become a Berry°C-u and I'm talking about the supposed adversity between them and their fans. And I said "could become", keep in mind I'm thinking of only one person.

In the beginning there were four kids. Actually, there was 4kids and Minimoni movie. Maasa Sudou, Risako Sugaya, Airi Suzuki and Mai Hagiwara. The Tsunku's oh-so-holly hand pointed at them and said: now go and disguise yourselves as freakingly irritating but kawaii kids! In truth, they held the big secret, Tsunku's retirement. Yes, somehow he knew that Morning Musume couldn't keep on after 5th generation and that Gocchin would go get touched somewhere else and that Ayaya's smile wouldn't get wotas to even know her fifth album was being released. He knew 2007 would be doom. Tsunku had a back up plan!

At least, I think so, I wouldn't say it was due to 4Kids success that he decided to continue to use the kids more than just for back dancers. In 2003, a year after the results were announced, the first group was formed, ZYX. Lead by Mari Yaguchi they had two singles that didn't sell that well for the time but considering that they were a low budget group, it did well in presenting us what would be the future of the HaroPuro. Except for one thing. Actually two. The leading talents were only shown by the time ZYX released its last single, when we got to know First Kiss.

Aa! was a trio that had everything to be irritating. Reina Tanaka had just got into Hello!Project and didn't have that yankee look yet, just some noob. Teamed up with a ten year-old and an eight. But look this way, should Takitty leave now Morning Musume, Reina would get the main lines (or so I hope it's not the Miracle Girl.......). As for the other two... They are already shining. Miyabi Natsuyaki and Airi Suzuki. The later got more lines in the single and after that she was known as Ace.

Yes, Airi has it all for her. I'm glad the next year she didn't get into Berryz, known as the true winners from H!P Kids, the group sold a lot and had a true hit, Special Generation. What was supposed to be a shuffle group to fit the girl's school schedule, became a united group with good voices like Miyabi herself and good faces like Sugayo, who also happens to steal all the lines along with the cute, but for me scary element, Momoko. I don't know about music but Yurina and those three are really good vocals that even Morning Musume lack nowadays.

But it seems that Tsunku saw it coming and saved the best for the last. Market gained, he could start preparing the rest, as they were known. I, myself, never understood although I didn't try hard to, why Airi who got so much recognition (I just liked Aa! because of that eight year old cute girl!) was a leftover. In 2004 too, we heard that really good b-side of Reina, Airi and Megukami in the All Stars single. By the way Megumi Murakami was one of the revelations from ZYX and her voice was one of the best among the Kids. Why would so nice voices be the ones out of Berryz?

Then, in 2005 °C-ute was announced. I do remember Tsunku saying it would be just so they weren't called Kids anymore. But, again, he grouped MeguKami with Miki Fujimoto and Natsuyaki (yes! from Aa!) in the best song from the shuffles, at least in my opinion. In 2006 °C-ute would finally release a single, with already a second generation member, Kanna Arihara, of their own after singing so much their first song, Wakkyannai Z, they put out Massara Blue Jeans. The lead voices would be MeguKami, Airi, Maimi Yajima, the leader, and Erika Umeda. All of the singles were released for the summer and were some really nice songs, being Ookina Ai de Motenashite even an anime theme. Their first album came out with a couple of covers and the singles.

I'm afraid to say that the group even had a scandal of their own. When their real debut was sure, Megumi Murakami was seen walking the town with a guy. Yes, that was it. She resigned just like Mari Yaguchi did and now we have the current line-up without the main voice. Not that Megu led all of the songs but just the major part.

I'd say i started not liking °C-ute by the time they debuted. Sakura Chirari sold more than 20k in its first week and somehow took the members to all of the biggest music shows, as if they were getting Berryz's place. Yes, that's when Berryz's singles stopped selling as much and the songs stopped being as funny. But I think that what upset me more was Airi's status from the magical trio (like Berryz's Momoko, Yurina and Risako) to the Airi Suzuki presenting °C-ute.

I'd say Airi is one of the most dedicated among the Kids and somehow she draws the attention to her. Maybe for being so young (she's 13 now) or for being somewhat serious, the effect she has on you is close to what happened when GoMaki joined Momusu. It's just that she lacks voice. I was really disappointed on her solo song Tsuugaku Vector... And because of that Airi will never be a solo singer. So, after noticing that, I got rid of my thing against °C-ute and was happy for her to have found her place.

The amazing thing about Hello!project is that the members have a beginning and you can follow them until the end, which is when they debut in the Elders Club (kidding). Skip that Minimoni single and tune in First Kiss. Watch the PV and then watch Hello!Project Winter Concert in 2006 where Aa! was reunited. They are changing, they improving and the magic behind H!P is that it feels like you were the one who chose them to lead their groups, the main ones nowadays (Morning Musume, °C-ute and Berryz Koubou). I'm sorry to all of the AKB fans, but it will be a long road for them to surpass that because the idols are just there, ready. There wasn't a time when they only seemed like irritating noobs.

Airi's next step is Buono!, some best selling trio that consists of Aa! plus Momoko. Like some Gomattou from the Kids. It sounded like a group led by Natsuyaki (she IS the leader) but I'm proud to say that Airi reigns even there. But that's probably another story that I'll only think about after their first album, Café Buono.

Three Years
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
Question of the day: What are the chances that Ongaku Gatas survive?

Well, I'm sorry to inform you all, but the dream team of the leftovers will probably last three years if it survives the first album. But, hey, three years is the current life span in Hello!Project, be happy. I am saying that this has to work out.

They had a really good first single and a good second one, right now they are releasing their first album, 1st Goodsal, which I don't see as a huge thing but just like GAM, that is just so they they have songs to sing in their live tour.

Why do I see future in them?

They took Yossie, enjoying all the popularity she could for leaving momusu as a nice leader, the last golden era member and showing everyone how she could sing well in Kanashimi Twilight. I did think: I'll miss her. But also there was this feeling that it would go one, specially when the rumor of a solo career came out.

And so we have Mai Satoda. Left as the only member in Country Musume, a group that had no singles in its last year, she had a full year, taking part of two singles, one of them as the leader of the group Pabo. I could see that she was about to be used too but this time it had to be officially in Hello!Project.

Add the Eggs. 2007 was their year along with °C-ute. They weren't just back dancers, they sang and had a successful subgroup, The Possible. Plus, there were a lot of concerts. Yes, something was coming for them as well.

Anyone doubted Konkon would be back? I actually didn't think it would be before Mako but appearing in the tenth anniversary concert and all?

I'd say the surprise add would be Rika. I just understood it when Biyuuden's end was announced because until then she didn't represent anything. Yossie would be Golden Era, Konkon the graduated members with cute charisma (like Tsuji, Aibon...), Satoda the good voice with no releases, also more mature (Iida, Nakazawa to some extent) and the Eggs would be the children, what is actually selling right now in Hello!Pro. Now I know Rika is there because she sells, still has fans that want to see her and was already a fiasco in Biyuuden, having to carry two unknown girls with her voice and in the end her pudding/ice cream.

I think it's a genius group that unfortunately doesn't get a lot of publicity as it's just some other way of getting money for those who were just there, doing nothing. But Yossie, Konkon and Charmy won't be there forever to sing. They are still young but it won't be long until they reach the "too old for this" age. They are the sellers and once the time for graduation comes, either the group will be forgotten with less and less releases or disbanded. And that also goes for the Eggs, not all of them are just kids. Actually they are some of the oldest dancers that would have to be sacked or just left for futsal if more time passed.

So, enjoy everyone. You deserve even better, actually, but this won't last. And there's more: any scandal could easily tear the group apart. Specially if Yossie is the one affected, being this her group. Good news are: they don't pose as good girls even though they are. So I foresee three years. Nice!

E suba teu grito, yattarouze!


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