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Aya The Witch
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
thamy wrote in jd_dreaming
I was watching Matsuura Aya's latest concert, her only in 2008, and I was thinking of how she must feel. All in all, it seems that it was mostly her decision to go all mika nakashima (i mean, normal mika, not that nana mika ^^;), but at the same time she sold so little in her Kizuna single... It went really bad. Her album too and her comeback single too! Aya has been practically put in her place, with the elders.

So, that concert was in a really small venue. But it was full, or so it seemed. Not that it wouldn't be, wotas are crazy about ayaya and they go to like three concerts a day. But what was different about it was the energy. As japanese call it, the tension - do don ga don. XD

I actually haven't watched a single concert of Aya before and I'm sure her 2003 ones were way more than this, the golden days.... Or even more the 2002. Anyway, I was quite surprised and also seemed to be Aya. The crowd was like crazy during doki doki love mail it was really something. I'm always saying how the wotas are a show apart, and I can imagine comic scenes where the artist goes on stage and the wotas are like just watching silently. I'm sure most of the fun in watching haropuro things comes from them, a concert without them is..... nothing @_@ But a concert where they seem to be watching the Golden Era members DURING the golden era is just something amazing. And Aya The Witch is just like that in a small venue. (I've seen Nacchi's graduation and know how it is in a really big one, it's amazing!)

Now, forgetting about the concert, it's strange how ayaya is like the last resort in h!p. She was always something made for tsunku and not by him, since the beginning she brings in her self confidence, which we used to only see in Maki Goto, allied to something Maki doesn't have: a sweet charisma. Maki was always scary, and little maki is even more (Reina, I mean). I'm saying the true thing, think of the elements of each of the greatest ones in H!P:

Nacchi: she's sweet, she's popular, she is charismatic.
Maki: she's popular, she's got a great talent and a strong personality;
Mari: somewhat popular, charismatic;
Ai Takahashi: ....... bets voice in momusu? xD Well, she's go something like a charisma...
Ai Kago: charismatic, funny, popular;
Miki Fujimoto: strong personality, and a good voice;
Ayaya: sweet, charismatic, popular, has a strong personality and is a natural;

Of course, the three greatest are Maki, Nacchi and Aya, and I can't stop thinking of how aya seems like a combination of the two others... And because nacchi was already 20+ when she got solo and Maki was so scary, Aya was the one faired best in the sweet teenager role. (Tsunku even tried with Maki and Miki but they have that killer gaze that............. ahahahaha xDD)

i miss those times... Now Aya says she wants to be a woman, since she saw herself on tv in 2004, she decided she wanted to be a real performer............. ARGH! I want my Ayaya back..... At least I could see a litle of her during the concert,right in the middle of so many boring songs from Double Rainbow album (and some from Naked Songs).

Now, back to the concert xD


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