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2005 Summer Concert
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
thamy wrote in jd_dreaming
I started watching a 2005 hello pro concert. The only absence I actually felt was Mari's, mainly in One for All (...) when it was 2nd gen time to sing and Kei's voice resounded. Mari WAS there but just MC'ing because it was too close to her scandal with Shun Oguri.

Anyway, that was the concert where the 2005 shuffles (the last ones so far) were presented and now that i know about Sexy Otonajan curse, I refused to watch their performance, it was just too sad. Another thing was how much Koharu appeared for her first Summer concert... I mean, she was everywhere! I though that she was only noticed because of the Kirarin thing but even in 2005 when she was just miracle horsey teeth girl she sang! And I miss her real voice :((( It's getting more and more annoying nowadays! Now I know why I liked her, looking like some lost girl with those big eyes and hoarse voice *_* Now she's just irritating!

Back to Otonajan, for those who don't know, it was a shuffle unit mad of Miki Fujimoto (6th gen in Morning Musume, a really good voice), Megumi Murakami (one of the best voices among the H!P kids and probably the best one that time, part of MeguAiri feat. the °C-uties XD) and Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Koubou lead voice). So, the promo photo were all: Miki at the front, Megukami on our left and Miyabi on the right and that single was released in 2005.

-In October 2006, some photos in which Megumi seemed to be having a date with a boy surfaced. She decided to quit to focus more on her studies.
-In May (?) 2007, Miki was caught walking in her boyfriend's apartment. Her agency denied about a day before she alleged the photos to actually be real. Miki was the fastest leader of Morning Musume, she didn't even last a week if I'm not wrong, and GAM's activity were never resumed. Miki was back this year singing an enka song.
-In May/June 2008, a video and dozen photos taken by a stalker appeared with a girl reaaaally similar to Miyabi. The campaign not to let these photos come to the agency's knowledge has already begun and Miyabi's FC event happened with no real trouble. Let's see if the kids' front girl will survive the curse!! You have 2 weeks top, Miyabi, that's about what the others lasted.


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