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Winter Pack'08
Airi Suzuki, Give Me Love
thamy wrote in jd_dreaming
I just finished watching those three winter concerts.

First of all, i love the Winter concerts: better songs, elders everywhere, less lip-syncing... And the first H!P concert I ever watched was a Winter one that more and more I find out to be of the best year, 2006.

That said, I have watched 4 from those until now: 2001, 2006, 2007 and now 2008, so I think I can say something: this was really similar to 2001, i can't explain it but the tracklist (not the songs actually, the concept) was too similar.

It's strange how with each year that passes there's that last time together feeling for a group, that where's someone feeling, that Yuuko's last year for sure feeling and that when will Nacchi just drop dead feeling. Also the newcomers, the real good voice I never noticed, the really good song i have to download now...

Every time any of them is missing, not only for winter concerts but summer too, I tend to feel that it wasn't that good of a concert.

Well, enough with the random comments, let's have now random thoughts:

-generations from 1 to 5 have two members only. Yuuko and Nacchi, Kei and Mari, Rika and Yossie, Risa and Ai. But actually they have 3!! Except for the second one. Kaori, Nono and Mako. with that, except for 2, 3 and 7 for obvious reasons we have 3-nin gens.

-Yuuko rocks but her and Nacchi make a weird combo. Related: Ayaya isn't Maki, she was good with Maki but she doesn't go with Nacchi like Maki somehow manage to do.

-Biyuuden were at the best even with their worse song, Ja Ja Uma

-°C-ute were the best real group there.

-Athena and the pussycatssomething had a really good performance. Hai, hai, hai, hai!

-Special Generation still rocks.

-Eggs could have had a great performance if their microphones were louder.

My favorite presentation was Morning Musume OG medley. I was tired of OG but now it suddenly became more interesting, probably because with Maki's departure, half of the lines were available for the rest to divide (read Rika and Yossie). But it was wonderful to see Ayaya singing Meccha Holiday though too short, it could have been better :(

Well, stick with the blog for more random thoughts.


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